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To save some of your hard earned dough, it is important to know when you should visit your tire dealer.

Commercial Tires

Most repairs will cost a fair chunk of change, and tires are no different.


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Most tire dealers will be happy to mount tires that you have bought from another store.


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If you are not looking for a high performance or specific tire, you can often find tires at large department stores (think Wal-Mart) for less than you would pay at the tire dealer.

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These tires will almost always be of similar or equal quality to a more expensive tire that you may buy directly from your dealer.


Another plus is that larger stores often have deals or sales on their tires, especially during certain times of the year, where you can make big savings.

24-Hour Road Service

Emergency road services are actually very commonly offered with the purchase of a new vehicle. Auto manufacturers often offer these services for purchase at discounted rates to allow for any new car owner a very comprehensive level of coverage which allows for an amazing amount of overall coverage options. These are usually for specified time periods and limitations.

Another means of obtaining these services is through insurance coverage. Today, most insurance providers offer a certain level of road services which are rather comprehensive and allow for a robust assurance while driving. These are often built into insurance policies that are purchased for the duration of the policy.

Commercial Tires

Nowadays, one of the biggest investments a company can invest in is the purchase of a commercial truck. The cost of such a vehicle can actually be more expensive than the cost of purchasing a new residential home! In addition to the acquisition cost, the repair and maintenance could potentially be a large item on a company’s budget. Any loss of use of such a vehicle could have an equally devastating effect on a source of revenue for the company. The longer a truck stays in the repair facility, the longer that company loses the income it could have otherwise brought.

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The next tire is a must have if you live in the area of the country that has long, cold, winters with large amounts of snow and ice. These are the winter snow tires. These tires are made to give you maximum traction in cold temperatures on snow and ice. They do not handle well on dry and warm pavement, so they are suitable for winter only. These tires are relatively inexpensive.

So as you can see, you have a variety of choices when it comes to tires. Visit your local Firestone tire dealer. They will be able to help you make the right choice when it comes to your tire needs.

Have you checked your tires lately?

If not, maybe it’s time to take a look and see what condition your car tires are in. If they are starting to look worn then it’s time to take them to your local Firestone tire dealer for a new set of tires.

When you get there you will have your choice of a variety of tires to choose from. So how do you know which type of tires you need? Keep reading and you will learn how to choose the right type of tire for your traveling needs.

To be able to choose the correct tire for your vehicle, you need to determine your driving needs. Do you live in an area where there are hot summers and nasty winters?

If so then you should probably go with an all season tire. These tires are made to withstand the heat of a hot summer pavement and they will still be able to give you traction in the winter snow.

Ask your Firestone tire dealer about these tires. They come in the basic all season tires or the performance all season tires. The performance all season tires are little more expensive, but will give you a better grip and handling on wet and dry pavement.

Do you live in an area where it is always hot?

If so, then ask your Firestone tire dealer about the ultra high performance summer tires. These tires are the best for handling and braking on wet and dry pavement. But beware; they do not perform well at all in cold temperatures and on snow or ice.

Types of Tire Services We Provide



There are hundreds of dealers who specialize in selling used tire only. And because these tires are ridiculously cheaper compared to a brand new set, going for the second-hand tire is highly recommended.

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Whichever type of tire you choose, you can get them in sizes from the smallest wheels up to something you might see rolling under a monster truck.

There are also tires that are made for very specific situations, such as off-road tires for four wheeling. You can get mud tires that have knobby, aggressive treads that will cut through mud easily. Or more general-purpose all-terrain tires that may not be as aggressive but give you a smoother ride on pavement and smoother surfaces.

Commercial Tires

Commercial Tires

If you’re in the market for new tires, whether for your car, your 4x4, your motorcycle or some other vehicle, you’re going to be faced with a ton of choices.

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High performance, comfortable riding, off-road and even commercial tires are just a few of the options you’ll have. Let’s look at what you should know when making your decision.

Car and light truck tires are available in a whole bunch of different sizes and applications. You might want all-weather or even snow tires if you live in a colder area, or you might want tires specially designed to grip well in wet condition if your area gets a lot of rain.

Tire Retreading


There’s no doubt that you have noticed the large chunks of rubber which is familiar among us as tire debris or road alligators.

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The prevailing perception is that this tire debris is resulted because of the retreaded tires failing. Actually, this is not so but it’s a long-standing misconception.

The actual culprit indeed is the inappropriate tire maintenance, especially the failure in order to maintain the recommended air pressure in tires, is stated Harvey Brodsky who is the managing director of the TRIB (Tire Retread Information Bureau), a non-profit member-supported industry association which is dedicated to the tire recycling via repairing and retreating, and in order to promoting the proper tire maintenance for entire tires. Entire tires which are not maintained properly will fails no matter if the tires are brand new or retreads.

24 Hour Towing Service

24-hour Road Service

Anyone that owns a vehicle definitely understands that there are truly countless facets of driving at any given time that could prove to be incredibly dangerous and leave anyone stranded at any given time.

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Vehicles have an incredible amount of moving parts and other aspects of them that are prone to go wrong and malfunction at any given time which overall detracts from the level of function they are designed to provide. As this has always been the case, the use of emergency road services have been incredibly popular and provided solutions for these concerns in order to provide a safer and more secure method of transportation overall.

These services have been in existence for some time now. In fact, ever since the creation and driving of the very first vehicles designed, there has been some level of tow trucking or mobile repair services that provided a means by which car drivers were able to keep moving on the road. As such, there truly are an incredible amount of benefits involved in maintaining this type of coverage for any vehicle.

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Tires are unlike anything else that you ever purchase. Why? The buying process is odd, its sort of a cross between buying a rug in Morocco and an alien probe. Tires are expensive, dirty, smelly and they all kind of look the same. The things that make one tire better than another are buried deep within its construction and we have to take the salesperson’s word whether or not it will suit our needs.

On top of all of that, if we make the wrong decision it will effect the safety, performance and ride comfort of our car for several years.


“Craig: great tire suggestions; made sure staff helped me. Marty: patiently explained work that needed to be done and options and work performed. Jason: expertly provided precision work on vehicle and explained work performed.”

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